Monday, March 26, 2012

The Final Week of Edmo is Here

Dear Edmos,

The final week is upon us. Um... when the heck did that happen? I'm not really sure. But it did. It's here, and we just have to deal with it the best we can. This is often times, a rough part of the month for many people. You're sitting there watching your friends and family members march past the 50 hour line and wonder when you'll get there. And then you wonder what's going to become of your life the moment Editing Month is over. No more spending time in the forums talking to people, no more filling up your spare time (or maybe your work time... don't worry, we won't tell the Boss.) with editing and other equally important writing endeavors.

Yes, spending loads of cash from your recent pay check to buy that new (or antique) pen you've been ogling is a perfectly good writing endeavor. No writer can write without the best equipment they can buy. Well... they can, but it not nearly as fun, is it? I've got a new fountain pen in mind myself. I just have to reach that 50 hour goal before I can spend the money. Remember that people, goals are good. They keep you in line when you want to veer off track.

So, here's what I have to say: You WILL cross the finish line. No matter how many hours you have left to complete, I've got full faith that you'll manage to pull it off. Even if you have to remember how to fake a cough from your high school days and call in sick.

Right now, there is no need to worry about what will happen after Edmo is over. Just remember, we'll be back again next year and the best is always reserved for those who are patient enough to wait. Also, it is my belief that those people who are brave enough to attempt Edmo are also serious enough about their writing to do it year round, whether or not there's a no-competition competition (to use Chris Baty's words) going on. And if that's the case for you: More power to you! And I hope to see your book published some day. (I want a signed copy, you hear?)

Even if you don't write or edit year round, I applaud you for coming out of your shell and attempting National Novel Editing Month, especially if this is your first time. Editing is not easy. It's not fun. And many writers would prefer to skip it. I've been doing NaNoEdMo for years now, even before I took over as Queen, and this is honestly the first year I've ever truly enjoyed editing something I've written. I think for the most part it has to do with the fact that I've finally written something I deem publishable, something that I love, something I enjoyed writing in the first place. And it also has to be because there is NaNoEdMo. Because if there was no EdMo, I would never have even tried to edit my work. It's thanks to you guys for wanting to edit, for joining up, and becoming a great community, that so many writers are getting their work polished and (hopefully) published.

Now, I'm keeping this email very brief because I know we're all short on time, and because lately I haven't had time to do anything during the day so I'm doing it late at night, and I'm getting wicked tired... so I'm blaming all mistakes and errors within this message on my poor tired brain. Sleep will come soon... I just know it will.

And in the meantime, keep editing folks. It's the only way.


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