Monday, March 19, 2012

Your Weekly Edmo Pep Email!

Hello Edmos!

I hear there are new members signing up every day! Hooray! We're glad to have you on board. Welcome! Find yourself a comfy state room and bring your laptop, or your printed manuscript out on deck for some fun editing in the sun! There will be a wonderful massage treatment for everyone as soon as you've completed today's hour goal. And a wonderful dinner will be waiting for us after that. Whatever your favorite food is, we have it. And I made the chef order lots of extra chocolate and champagne just in case things get bad, or someone finishes their fifty hours early.

The way things have been going this month, its certainly not been the best March ever. Thus, I figured a good cruise in tropical waters would do us good and help cheer us up. As most of you know, our website was taken over by hackers so getting to the homepage or other pages was spotty, at best. The site is back up now, though all of the features have not been activated. What is activated? The two most important parts: the forums and the hour logger!

Yes, you can now log your hours as you go. Just be aware, the logger may have erased any hours previously logged before the site went down. Never fear if this is the case. Just give it your over all hours logged, and everything should be fine.

We've been doing a lot of things off the website to keep Edmo going. If you have Twitter, or have been thinking about joining Twitter, check out our Twitter feed: @NaNoEdMo. We've been posting updates about the site there, as well as the minimum hours you need to log in each day to make it to fifty by the end of the month.

We also have a new temporary blog where we've been posting the articles and the weekly pep emails, because for awhile we were unable to send out emails to all of you participants. If you don't get an email, or think you've missed one, check out the blog here:

On my end, I've finally got my internet at home up and running and it looks like our mass power outage from last week is getting cleared up as we speak. For most of the week and into the weekend a large portion of my city was being run by huge generators because a power station exploded Tuesday night. Even so, I kept on editing, doing all I could to stay ahead of the game.

If I can do it, so can you! I'm ahead by several days and this is the first time I've ever been this much ahead during Edmo. Of course, today, my real life smacks me in the face to tell me that if I don't get my laundry done and don't go grocery shopping I'm going to be in big trouble soon. ... I guess that means I need to get out there and get some of that boring work done so I can come back and continue to work on the story of my two hot detectives. 

I'm looking forward to getting my novel finished and am debating what I'll do for myself when that happens. Do I buy the expensive fountain pen I've been eyeing? Or do I get that relaxing massage? I think by the end of this novel, I'll have earned both.

What are you planning to do for yourself when you get your novels finished? Will you celebrate on April 1st, or will you wait until your book is absolutely done, no matter how long it takes you? These are great things to think about now. They'll give you something to look forward to. And hey, maybe some of you will wait until you land that publishing deal. Whatever it is you're striving for, good luck, and I hope you get it.

With only two weeks left to scramble,
Anna (aka QueenOfTheUniverse)

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